Best Hair Tie for Curly Hair

Why the Annulette is The Best Hair Tie for Curly Hair


You may not know this, but RayahHair (and our signature hair tie, the Annulette) was created after a black hair tie had to be cut out of our founder’s curly hair with a pair of kitchen scissors. Hardly the kind of look you’re going for after putting your hair up during a night of dancing. 

What sucks? This is the kind of experience that’ll get you a round of “yeah me too’s” after a glass of rose at girl’s night out. 

When we first set out to design the Annulette, our goal was simple. We wanted to create a hair tie that had a no-slip grip, wouldn’t break or bend your hair (even if you were a curly girl), and revolutionized your standard ponytail. 

After years of research and development, the Annulette is here, and our customers are raving. Here’s why The Annulette is the best hair tie for curly hair:


1: It’s made out of velvet for a simple, no-slip grip.

You know that material— that buttery soft, velvet material that gymnastics leotards are made out of? Imagine that, but for your hair. 

Our velvet is great for curly-haired girls who want to get a grip on their hair without all the damage. It’s also durable as hell, and won’t stretch out with wear the more times that you use it.

Instead, the Annulette will keep its shape, so you never have to worry about it snapping, stretching, or breaking in half. Maybe now you can stop finding black hair ties all over your studio apartment. 

Most people don’t know this, but velvet also makes a great material for hair ties like the Annulette. It’s got an easy, four-way stretch to it that won’t snag or pull your hair. If you’ve got curly hair, that means you’ll be frizz-free and safe from flyaways and baby hairs. 


2: It wraps around your hair to create friction without fraying. 

The Annulette is also specially designed to wrap around your hair, instead of pulling at it to keep it in place. This friction from our velvet material also guarantees that your bun or ponytail will stay in place, even if you have silky or fine-textured hair. 

If you’re tired of your standard black hair tie (yeah, the one on your wrist right now), this is a great alternative. Our design will also allow you to choose how tight you’d like your hair tie, depending on the hairstyle you’d like to wear. 

Athletic high pony. Low and loose. The choice is yours.


3: It won’t f*ck with your curl pattern. 

If you’re looking for the best hair tie for curly hair, look no further than the Annulette. Our design features a huggable (but not too tight!) grip that won’t flatten or ruin the curl pattern you’ve spent so much time trying to perfect. 

If you’re a fan of second (or third or fourth) day curls, the Annulette is also a great way to wash your hair less without having to constantly rewet or restyle your hair. 


By: Rayah Hair

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