• Bronze Darling

    This buttery soft neutral is sure to compliment any outfit.

    Annulette- Orangutan 
  • Evening Noir

    Go from day to night or night to day without missing a beat.

    Annulette Orca 
  • Clutch Your Pearls

    This Annulette pairs perfectly with white sneakers, an oversized button-down, and chunky chains.

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Our Story

The genesis of our story can be traced back to a single climactic moment of frustration.  It was a scene you're probably familiar with involving a black hair tie, a tangled mess of hair, and a pair of scissors.  You know the ending... 

 A fit of anger and a minor mental breakdown fueled the inspiration for our flagship product the Annulette™, a patented invention that revolutionizes the way hair is held. 

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