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Annulette- A Contemporary Hair Holder

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The Annulette™ is designed to make you want to pull your hair up, not out, so you can do all normal activities with less stress on you and your hair.

An Annulette wraps and unwraps AROUND hair. Do not pull it out. Not because you can't, but because why yank on your hair like that when you don't have to? Leave the pulling, bending, and tugging behind. The locks you've spent hours and many Benny Franks on ($$$) don't deserve to be mangled. That wash-day masterpiece should not be squeezed through a tight rubber band.

True uniqueness comes when design is not sacrificed for function. The body of the Annulette resembles a braid and is made with over a dozen loops for adjustability. It's luxury stretch velvet is not only for aesthetics, but grips the silkiest of hair without slipping. On each end, pendant fasteners are made with thick sterling silver plating thats been molded from reclaimed metal. We third party test to ensure our products are nickel-free, cadmium-free, and lead-free

It's functional hair jewelry. The Annulette is a bracelet as much as it is a hair holder. It is made to be comfortable and alluring on the wrist or around hair.

Hair protection is valuable. Add up all those shampoos, conditioners, creams, serums, sprays, weaves, wigs, extensions, trims, and dyes. That is a lot a money and time invested in hair care. Choose a hair holder thats going to protect your investments.

The Annulette is dynamic, intuitive, gorgeous, gentle but strong, and needed, like you. 

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Business for a cause:

  • Two percent of our profit goes to help provide legal protection, counseling, clothing, and other necessary care for victims of domestic abuse.
  • Our products are named after animals facing extinction. We keep them at the front of our minds so that they are remembered.


Thank you for supporting a small, female-founded business.

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