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What is the Annulette?

  • The Annulette™ is the wrap-around hair holder you've always needed but just found out about. She was designed solely to solve (frankly) all the problems that hair ties do not.

    The Annulette wraps AROUND your hair and (oh so gently) embraces your locks with a compassionate hug. With over a dozen loops, you can decide if you want her to hold your pony tighter than a friend who hasn't seen you in a year or delicately like grandma at Christmas in '05.

    This new best friend will never ask you to bend or fold the locks you've spent hours and many Ben Franklins ($$$) to have. No. She will never demand you wring a perfectly good wash-day masterpiece through a tiny rubber band python.

    What she WILL do is make you want to pull your hair up *not pull your hair out* and do all your normal activities with less stress on you and your hair.

    Another great thing about her (clutch your pearls):

    The Annulette is designed to be worn as a bracelet (which made total sense to us since half of the time hair ties are actually not in hair but on a wrist). Something about a circulation nightmare in the form of a red, raw, wrist-crater as insurance for a windy day, spin class before heading back to work, taking the kids to the park, running through the airport, or just needing to get hair out or your face seemed unfair. So, we made the Annulette to be a soft, luxurious, adjustable bracelet (and hair holder). That's right, we like our cake and we like to eat it too.

    Where did she come from? The origin of the mother Annulette came from a curly haired woman frustrated with hair ties. Her (relatively) tiny mental breakdown led to the birth of the most highly engineered and innovative hair holder on the market. As for the exact Annulette that you're about to order (if you haven't already), it's made by the hands of skilled craftswomen and men inside a female owned and operated manufacturing warehouse. Each Annulette is made with quality materials and is designed to last.

    She's dynamic, intuitive, gorgeous, gentle but strong, and so desperately needed in this world. Just like... you.

  • Who is the Annulette made for?
  • Loonngg Haairr
  • CuRLy HAiR
  • $qu*rly  H@*r
  • Da/mag/ed Ha/ir


Orders ship within 3-5 business days.


Business for a cause:

  • 5% of our proceeds are committed to helping provide legal protection, counseling, clothing, and other necessary care for victims of domestic abuse.
  • Our products are named after animals facing extinction. We keep them at the forefront of our minds so that they are not forgotten.


Thank you for supporting a small, female-founded business.


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