Our Story

How it started:

The genesis of our story can be traced back to a single climactic moment of frustration. It was a scene you're probably familiar with involving a black hair tie, a tangled mess of hair, and a pair of scissors. You know the ending...  A fit of anger and a minor mental breakdown fueled the inspiration for our flagship product the Annulette™, a patented invention that revolutionizes the way hair is held back and up. 

You know what's really crazy about all of this— it's been 40 years since the 80's scrunchie was made and 70 years since the traditional elastic hair tie was patented (by a guy who didn't wear hair ties himself). Sure, the age-old black hair tie will always be; however, we feel there should be an option that is a solution for those who want well-designed, durable, high-quality hair accessories that are adjustable, non-damaging, and supportive for healthy hair. 


Prevention is the new black.

We've all had hair alterations that have made us feel on top of the world and others that left us sending out an SOS and sulking through months (sometimes years!) of remediation. One thing is for sure— it's best to not cause damage in the first place (true for so many things, right?!) That's why we focus on products that support healthy, luscious, vibrant, WILD n' free hair so you can and your crown can feel empowered. 


Our MO: At Rayah Hair our creative process is inspired by shared needs with people like you. Empathy and the satisfaction of nurturing is at our core.  


Why we matter is what matters to us:

We love healthy hair and even more so, we love healthy people. No, we're not talking about waistlines here. We're talking about healthy and safe environments at home. Since our founder, Anna, escaped her own domestic abuse, domestic the number of national domestic assault cases have increased exponentially. Some cities have reported as much as a thirty-three percent increase in these crimes. Studies show that one in three women and one in four men experience domestic violence. Crazy! No one should be abused or held in captivity by another, not through physical or psychological means. This is why Rayah Hair is committed to giving two percent of our profits to provide legal protection, counseling, clothes, housing, and other necessary care for victims of domestic abuse as they heal. 

PS: You may have noticed the colors of our products are named after endangered animals that are commonly found in captivity. We give these species space in our nomenclature to bring them into our awareness.  


With love and health,